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A.How many times can Polyural formwork reuse?

Polyural formwork can reuse for 80 times.Polyural formwork have been used for over 200 times in some project,like highway project,light concrete project,etc.

B.How much does Polyural formwork weight?

The weight of Polyural formwork is 12.5Kg/m2.No need crane during installing,dismantling process.

C.How about the surface of the concrete for the Polyural formwork?

Polyural formwork is thermoplastic formwork.It is water proof.So the concrete will not lose water.The surface is smooth and flat.It can achive the fair-face concrete.

D.How long of Polyural formwork’s aging time?

Polyural formwork is consist of PP and glass fiber.It contain aging inhibitor, ultraviolet ray absording inhibitor.The aging time of Polyural formwork is 5 years

E.Will the formwork softening under high temperature?

Polyural formwork is thermoplastic formwork.It contain glass fiber.The performance and dimension will have no change from -20℃ to 80℃.

F.The Polyural formwork need special material for the reinforcement or not?

Just use the normal reinforcement material,like square tube,scaffolding tube,etc. Polyural formwork is modularized plastic formwork.No need timber and nails.No need secondary beam.

G.Polyural formwork is recyclable or not?

Polyural formwork is made of thermoplastic.Plastic is recyclable material.So Polyural formwork is recyclable.The outwork formwork have at least 15% residual value.You can sel it to local market.People will crack it to plastic partical to produce other product,like pipe,household appliance cover,etc.It is environment friendly formwork.

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