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TPAC Lightweight building formwork

Date of listing: 2018-11-12

Product Feature

1. The TPAC construction formwork is light and high strength formwork.

2. The mechanical preperty will not change in the moist environment.The performance donn't change after soaked water.

3. The surface of the TPAC construction formwork is perfect.The surface of the concrete can be fair-face concrete.

4. The outworn panel has residual value.It is 100% recyclable material.It is economical and environment friendly.

5. It can be used like the common plywood.

6. It is durable,water proof,corrision resisted.

7. Very fast and easy to clean the surface of the panel.

8. The workable tempreture can range form -40摄氏度 to 80摄氏度


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