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Advantages of platinum gravel resistant products

Date of listing: 2018-11-19

Save 20% labor cost

Polyural formwork is only 12.5Kg/m2.No need crane to help it.Just use clip to connect the formwork.It is very easy and fast to install and dismantle it.

Save 30% auxiliary material

Polyural formwork is modularized formwork.No need secondary beam.No need timber and nail.The bending modulus is 8000MPa.The span of the reinforcement scaffolding can be 450mm.

Turnover use 50-60 times

In the gypsum wall, foam concrete and other light weight walls can be reused for more than 200 times, the cost of single use is reduced by 30%, and the additional costs arising from multiple purchases and transportation are eliminated.

Can reuse for 60 times

Polyural formwork have used for over 200 times of the light weight concrete project.For the normal project,it can use for 60 times.The average cost for the formwork is very cheap.

Have Residual Value

Plastic is recyclable material.The outworn formwork have more than 15% residual value.You can sell it to the local market.People will crack it to plastic partical to produce new product,like pipe,household appliance,etc.It is really environment friendly.

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