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Application of Platinum Gravel Resistant Building Formwork in Fuyang North Road Viaduct Project in H

Date: 2018-03-02
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Platinum gravel composite building formwork is a composite material with polypropylene as the base material and glass fiber reinforced, which is formed by injection moulding. The whole set of formwork system is composed of more than 30 specifications of formwork and heterogeneous clips, which can be combined by any connection and can withstand various construction loads.

Convenience is the greatest advantage of platinum gravel resistant composite formwork. Its weight is only 12-13Kg/, the maximum size of the formwork is 900 *1800mm, and its quality is only 18kg. It is convenient to construct, quick to disassemble and assemble, saving manpower and working hours, facilitating the organization of construction and effectively improving the construction speed. At the same time, platinum gravel composite template is acid, alkali and corrosion resistant, easy to clean, long service life, turnover times more than 50 times.

As a kind of environmental protection formwork product with simple production process, no three wastes discharge and recycling for other use after reaching service life, platinum gravel resistant composite building formwork can depend on its advantages of high strength, easy demoulding, good plasticity, fast construction speed, energy saving and environmental protection. In the modern construction market with emphasis on green construction, platinum gravel resistant composite building formwork has the advantages of high strength, easy demoulding, good plasticity, high Get more and better applications. As a representative of the future development direction of template industry, platinum gravel resistant template will have broad market prospects, and the scale will continue to expand with the acceleration of urbanization process.





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