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Sales Engineer(Building Formwork) (Shanghai)

Number of recruits: 3

Information validity period: 2017-06-01 to 2018-12-31

Job requirements

1. Professional knowledge: age 27-45 years old, marketing or engineering college degree or above;

2. Work experience: 2 years sales experience in building materials, steel and other industries. It is better to know the construction market and the sales of building formwork, be familiar with the construction technology and process, and have rich experience in dealing with customers of construction companies.

3. Thinking ability: Have certain ability of market analysis and judgment, good customer service consciousness;

4. English proficiency is preferred.

5. Other requirements: can adapt to travel.


Job description

1, market development;

2. Maintaining customer relationship;

3. A series of work in project pre-sale;

4. Signing business contracts, tracking project progress and implementation of accounts receivable.



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